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Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures

Posted by on January 29, 2012

Field Trip: Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures
Location: Various Mid-Atlantic States
Contact: 610-209-0758
Grades: 2nd and up
About the Museum:

A private tour group company, Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures hosts weekend excursion trips to various fossil collecting sites throughout Pennsylvanian, Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky. Oftentimes, the trip leader is a professor or museum curator of paleontology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When booking a fossil collecting expedition in Maryland, please be sure to check the credentials of the leader and/or organizer of the event. Oftentimes some of the richest fossil deposits in Maryland are on private property. Your group leader should be able to tell you the name of the location you are traveling to, the name of the property owner, and whether permission has been secured ahead of time for the group to explore the private property and remove fossil findings. Fossil trip organizers who fail to provide this information may be leading their group to trespass on private property.

Also, reputable paleontologists will be affiliated with a college or museum. Be sure to “google” your group leader. If you cannot find any professional affiliations for your group leader, other than their own “company”, you may want to look for another trip organizer.

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