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Maryland Science Center

Posted by on January 29, 2012

Field Trip: Maryland Science Center
Location: 601 Light Street
Baltimore MD 21230
Contact: 410-685-5225
Grades: PreK and up

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About the Museum:

The Maryland Science Center houses a number of permanent exhibits, in addition to a planetarium, observatory, and IMAX theater. Before you go, print a free copy of a Scavenger Hunt sheet to help your kids explore the Science Center. You can also download an answer sheet.

Dinosaur Mysteries:
You’re the dinosaur hunter as you dig for bones, work in the field lab, examine full size skeletons, and travel a timeline from Paleozoic to Present.

Terra Link:
Monitor earthquake activity around the globe, see your house from space, touch a tornado!

Follow the Blue Crab:
Live Maryland crustaceans and their fellow Chesapeake citizens inhabit this watery exhibit.


Body Link:
Covering the latest in health and the human body, BodyLink features a WetLab with hands-on lab experience for all ages.

Cells: The Universe Inside Us:
Zoom into your own body to see the different cells that make up your heart, brain and bones. These trillions of cells are communicating with each other every moment of our lives.

Your Body: The Inside Story:
Explore the extraordinary, cool, and sometimes gross things your body does every day.


Newton’s Alley:
A kinetic, energetic, hands-on exhibit powered by you!

Energy Efficient Car: Today and Tomorrow:
A full size see-through automobile is the highlight of the exhibit supported by touch screen interactives highlighting today’s technological advances.


Space Link:
Watch launches of rockets, track satellites, drive a Mars Rover, and more in a “Mission Control” style setting.

Our Place in Space:
Explore dynamic, three-dimensional views of Earth from space. Follow satellite data on storms, earthquakes and ocean currents. Learn more about our neighboring planets.


Kids Room:
Parents and bigger kids need an escort under 8 to get into this special place filled with water play, streetscapes, construction zones and more.

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