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Electronic History Field Trips

Posted by on January 28, 2012

Take a walk through time with these history-themed electronic field trips.

  • Hampton Mansion Virtual Tour
    Once the largest residence in the United States, today Hampton Mansion in Towson Maryland tells the personal, social, cultural and political stories of the Ridgely family.

  • The Story of Anne Arundel County
    Throughout its long history, Anne Arundel County has been a vital cultural crossroads. Through the Story of Anne Arundel County online field trip, students can explore sites devoted to the county’s past while learning how to navigate the web.

  • Frederick County: A Crossroads of History<
    Learn about the rich history of Frederick County through this engaging, interactive field trip.

  • Smithsonian’s Star Spangled Banner Site
    Visit the National Museum of American History’s virtual tour page to learn more about the war, the flag, and the song made famous by Maryland’s little fort on the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Pathways to Freedom: Maryland & The Underground Railroad
    During the time of slavery, numerous brave Marylanders guided slaves through to freedom through a unique collection of covert byways and secret hiding places. Take a closer look at Maryland’s unique role in the Underground Railroad and gain a greater understanding of its citizen’s commitment to liberty and civil rights for all.

  • Maryland Roots
    The experiences of people who founded Maryland were probably quite different than yours – dangerous sea voyages, backbreaking labor, and taming a wild land. But beneath the adventurous life, the settlers and colonists of Maryland were like all of us – uncertain and hopeful, wishing to make a small place for themselves in a large world. 


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