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Electronic Aviation Fieldtrips

Posted by on January 27, 2012

Don’t have time to make a trip to an aviation museum? No worries. Fly through the history and mystery of flight with these amazing electronic field trips.

  • NASA Virtual Skies
    The purpose of NASA’s Virtual Skies (VS) website is to provide an engaging, yet informal, way to present aviation topics to high school students. In each of the six content Modules (not including Aviation Research), your students will acquire and employ decision-making and collaborative skills while applying principles of algebra, geometry and calculus. The science portion of these cross-curricular materials includes concepts involved in RADAR, sound and meteorology as it applies to flight. Each section includes on-line activities complemented by downloadable print materials that can be used to supplement geography, mathematics and science concepts.

  • Virtual Wind Tunnel Tour
    Explore how scientists use a wind tunnel to understand aerodynamics.


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