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National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Posted by on January 29, 2012

Field Trip: National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Location: 48 East Patrick Street
Frederick MD 21705
Contact: 800-564-1864
Grades: 5th and up

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About the Museum:

Visitors to the NMCWM will find a unique center of civil war history, guiding them through a century and a half’s worth of medical history as well as civil war camp life, hospital life, African American life, Women’s and children’s roles during the war, and many more aspects of American history during the Civil war era. The NMCWM highlights the challenges faced by the doctors and surgeons of the civil war era and the innovations that came out of that era that led to the modern military medical system.

Exhibits take you through the Civil War from Camp Life to Evacuation of the Wounded, Field Dressing Stations, Field Hospitals, Pavilion Hospital, Embalming, and Modern Military Medicine.

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