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CCBC Banneker Planetarium

Posted by on January 31, 2012

Field Trip: CCBC Banneker Planetarium
Location: 800 South Rolling Road
Catonsville MD
Contact: 443-840-5939
Grades: K – High School
Admission: FREE

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About the Museum:

The Banneker Planetarium is located in Room D-003 in the “D” Science building on the Catonsville Campus.

School Groups:

  • The Boy Who Hated the Nighttime: K – 2nd Grade
    Learn about constellations, the Moon, meteors, comets and aurora.
  • Pickles Means Pluto: K – 2nd Grade
    Experience an uplifting blast off, a set of weightless exercises and a lilting space walk. After viewing the spectacular colors of deep space objects, you will get tossed into a space emergency.
  • Looking Into Space: 3rd – 6th Grade
    Students will learn how the Moon moves around the Earth every month, how eclipses of the moon and Sun look and how the surface of the Moon looks close up.
  • Investigating Earth and Space: 3rd – High School
    The motions of the Moon and the planets can be observed when the Earth’s revolution around the Sun is speeded up. After viewing the sky above Maryland, you will see the sky viewed from different parts of the world and from up in orbit around the Earth.
  • A Camper’s Canopy: Scouting Groups
    The causes of the seasonal changes will be evident. The looping paths of the planets will be explained as will be the changing phases of the Moon. Both lunar and solar eclipses will be illustrated. The effects of the Earth’s 26,000-year wobble will be witnessed in speeded-up fashion.

Free Saturday Public Shows
On select Saturdays once a month, the public can attend a free planetarium show at 10:00 a.m. No reservations are necessary.

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