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Before You See the History Exhibits

Posted by on January 28, 2012

Make the most of your history-oriented field trip by preparing for your visit ahead of time with online activities, lessons, and more.


  • Building a House in the 17th Century
    In this activity you will find a list of twelve individuals who were living in St. Mary’s County in the 1680s. These people represent various levels of wealth which were based on the values of their estates taken from their probate inventories. As you build your house, you will be using figures that were based on surviving records from the 17th century that included construction costs. For each choice you make, the appropriate image will appear. When you are finished, a complete house will appear. If you run out of money before your house is finished, you can try again with the same person or you can try a different one.

  • Meet the Nutheads
    Find out what it takes to work a colonial printing press and print a document. There are three activities to try.


WAR OF 1812

  • Ft. McHenry Archival Library
    The collections include archival copies of original letters, maps, and other primary source materials relating to people, events, and the material culture of the parks historic themes from the Revolutionary War to the American Civil War.






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