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Before You See the Art

Posted by on January 27, 2012

Make the most of your art field trip by preparing for your visit ahead of time with online activities and lessons.

  • Bottlecaps to Brushes
    From the Smithsonian, what can young viewers learn about American art and artists through online tutorials?
  • The Art of Contest: Asian Games
    Play 8 different games online, like Go and Mahjong, and also discover more about the game’s art and cultural history.
  • Making Sense of Modern Art
    San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art’s rich-media format enables you to “zoom in” on full-screen details of individual artworks, explore excerpts from archival videos and films, and listen to commentary by artists, art historians, critics, and collectors.

  • Picasso
    Pablo Picasso single-handedly changed the face of 20th-century art. Inspire your students with some of Picasso’s paintings online and explore his early influences as an artist with the Picasso electronic field trip.

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