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Before I started homeschooling, I began my writing career penning family travel articles. That was before the Internet was really being utilized as a delivery source for community information. At the time, I figured, “Gosh, if I’ve spent all this time making phone calls and tracking down details on how to make a successful outing, then I might as well share it with others.”

Like many of you, our homeschool experience didn’t include much time at home. Living in Maryland, we’re super fortunate to be surrounded by so much history and culture. We spent much of our time out in the community, surrounded by our rich heritage. Instead of just reading facts, we breathed and touched and experienced them.

Today, as an almost empty-nester, I still love to explore the Mid-Atlantic region. I also recognize the value of fieldtrips as a learning experience. Putting that together, you’ve got the reason for this site: A place where families and teachers can find fantastic resources to support their educational goals and leave feedback so others can know about the not-to-be-missed goodies that most fieldtrip sites offer.

alessa Alessa is the Executive Director of Maryland Hand In Hand Homeschool. In addition to homeschooling, she holds a Masters degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and writes curriculum. Alessa continues to speak on topics such as unschooling reading, conceptual curricular approaches to education, radical acceleration for gifted students, and teaching to the social-emotional needs of children.

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